Seminar instructors

Luciano Sperduto

B.A.R. Certified, Certified Sommelier, Director of Food & Beverage

Luciano Sperduto, Director of Food & Beverage at the WDW Swan & Dolphin Hotel, grew up in an Italian household strong in tradition. As a child, Luciano spent early fall making wine with his parents and grandparents, and has had a strong passion for wine ever since. He became certified as a Sommelier in 2003 and Beverage Alcohol Certified in 2007 (the equivalent of a sommelier for spirits).

Instructor:Wine Blending

Daniel Herman

Complex Executive Chef

Chef Daniel “Dan” Herman brings a wealth of experience in the food and beverage industry to his position as the Executive Chef for the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. Prior to his current position,he served as the Executive Sous Chef for the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. In addition to his wealth of culinary knowledge Chef Herman holds a level of understanding and appreciation for the products he uses that few others do. In his free-time he raises and cares for his own livestock on his at his personal farm. At heart, Herman is a true farm-to-table chef.

Instructor:Pasta Making with Chef Dan

Kristian Laplante

Certified Sommelier, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage

Kristian Laplante, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage, is driven by his passion and curiosity for the ever expanding world of wine. Possessing a thoroughly Italian upbringing, he embraced his love of food and wine at an early age. As a boy, he was stomping grapes with his grandmother in Naples, learning about the rich traditions of Italian wine culture from the start! This eventually led to him becoming a Certified Sommelier in 2003.

Kristian has created an enjoyable class that breaks down misperceptions about Italian wine and makes it easy to demystify this ancient art. He will guide you through the fascinating and complex marriage of food and wine, Italian style!

Instructor:It's Better to “Wine” in Italian!

Brian Exner

B.A.R. Certified, Certified Sommelier, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage

Brian Exner, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage, has been a Certified Sommelier since 2009. Working in many beverage heavy restaurants at the resort has brought his passion to a new level. Over the years he has become very intrigued about the history and culture of beer and has continually strived to increase his knowledge of beer and the overall brewing process.

In this class he will break down the styles of beer and showcase their unique history and flavor profile. This will be his 2nd year teaching the “Beer Please” seminar and he has a strong desire to pass on to others what he has learned during his 16 years in the food and beverage industry.

Instructor:Beer, Please!

Olivier Zambaux

Certified Sommelier, Director of Banquets

Olivier Zambaux, Director of Banquets at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin, engages his audiences as he transports them to his home region of Champagne, France; sharing his passion, Champagne. Born and raised in the birthplace of Dom Perignon, Sainte Menehould, Olivier was surrounded by the history and culture of the region which is known worldwide for sparkling wine. Since coming to the United States, Olivier has became a Certified Sommelier and continues to expand his knowledge of wine and champagne through continued learning, research and in educating others.

Instructor:Base to Bubbles

Jason Bradley

Director of Beverage

Jason Bradley is the Director of Beverage for the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. Jason has a passion for craft cocktails, with a shared appreciation for the classics. With refined technique and cutting-edge innovation, he brings specialty cocktails to the next level. Jason is instrumental in the development of the resort’s cocktail program as well as the expansive wine list selections offered across the different dining concepts throughout the entire property.

Instructor:Craft Cocktails